Our Story


We are The Kindness Capsule. You probably already guessed that as our name is plastered all over this site. However, you may be wondering exactly who we are and what we do? We sell wellbeing gift packages that are filled with goodies that you can either gift to loved ones or treat yourself with! Show a token of appreciation by gifting a capsule.

Our business was inspired by the mental health journey of our founder, Tamzin Marie. After struggling with anxiety and depression herself, she really understands the importance of random acts of kindness. When somebody is feeling down a surprise gift really does make them smile! It's not just a cliché! When you are in such a low mood it can feel like you are isolated and that the whole world is against you. Gifting a capsule can let somebody know that you are thinking of them and that they are a special part of your life. We hope that our capsules make a difference in brightening people's days!