The Self-Confidence Songs That You Should Be Listening to Right Now!

We all know the how empowering it is to put on a song that just makes you want to dance round your room, tossing your hair and screaming at the top of your lungs without a care in the world! Songs that talk about self-confidence are becoming more and more popular as people seek for a little more positive energy in their lives! Here are a few feel good tracks that are sure to get you feeling more confident in your own skin.
1. Perfect to Me - Anne Marie: This song is all about loving yourself and all of your differences because at the end of the day NOBODY is perfect but if you are happy in your own skin that's all that matters. It's time to embrace our unique differences and start loving ourselves!
2. Good as Hell - Lizzo: This is the ULTIMATE self-confidence song! It's all about feeling good about yourself, dolling yourself up, holding your head up high and being ready to take on everything that life throws at you. We've just got to have the best time whilst we can so let's just live our best lives!
3. Me Time - Paloma Faith: The song title just sums up this song perfectly. We've got to live our lives and figure out who we are as people. We've got to do things in life that will make us happy and forget about being judged by others. It's so hard but sometimes we just need a break to reflect and then we'll be back on track.
4. Still Learning - Halsey: Okay so we all have dreams right? Sometimes we can get down because we haven't achieved them. It feels like we have no idea where we are heading and who we are! Halsey takes us on a journey of learning to love herself; it's a long journey but one that we all have to start to fully become confident in ourselves!
5. New Me - Ella Eyre: Sometimes we've just got to start a fresh, recreate ourselves and start again. Be that person who hasn't got time for people who bring you down; move on and feel all the better for it. You've got your amazing life to live without the negativity!