Feel Good Shows to Brighten your Day!




When we are feeling down, what do we do? Chances are you take a duvet day and switch on the TV. Well, that's what we here at The Kindness Capsule do! Personally, we can't go wrong with a good comedy so if you're scrolling through the TV wondering what to watch, here are a few suggestions!

1. Superstore (Netflix)

If you have ever worked in retail you are going to love this show, and if you haven't... you will also love this show! The comedy is set in an American supermarket called Cloud 9 and follows the worker's lives throughout the day. The things they get up to are hilarious and the love story between Amy and Jonah is just an added bonus! 'Have a Heavenly day!'

2. The Good Place (Netflix)

Get ready for a whole four seasons of absolute laughter. Have you ever wondered what life is like after death? Well, The Good Place is based around just that. It's a comedy but it's so much more than the hilarious jokes. It also teaches us about morality and LIFE in general! There's The Good Place and then there's the dreaded Bad Place. Then there's Elinor, Chidi, Jason and Tahani. Where do they fit in? Well you're about to find out!

3. Schitt's Creek (Netflix)

This has to be just one of the best shows EVER to be made! A rich family loses everything and has to move in to a motel. YEP! How will they adjust to this new lifestyle? They are in for a journey of self-discovery, love and of course it wouldn't be a comedy if there wasn't many, many hilarious scenes thrown into the mix too! You will genuinely fall in love with the Rose family and never want to show to end. What's more, the show has a whole 6 seasons to keep you entertained for months!

4. Parks and Recreation (Netflix)

There's something about Lesley in the Parks and Recreation department of the Government that just makes you laugh and feel sorry for her at the same time. A comedy set in a council that slightly reminds of us of The Office and we're all for it! Get ready for the character's to talk to the camera like you are in an actual real life conversation with them and buckle up for the ride!

5. Friday Night Dinner (Netflix and Channel 4)

Friday night's just got that bit funnier as we join Jackie, Martin, Adam and Johnny (with regular appearances from neighbour Jim) for their weekly family dinner! Tuck in to 'a lovely bit of squirrel' or a 'crimble crumble' as we get a front row seat at the dinner table ready for all of the family fun, banter and antics.